Paulien's Pet Art

Realistic pet portraits & wildlife

"Each animal is unique and it's my task to capture that unique on paper."

Are you looking for a unique, personal gift, a memento of your animal or something nice to hang on the wall?

Then my handmade portraits might be something for you!

The drawings are made based on photos. With each portrait, the unique personality of your animal is captured.

Read here how a portrait is made.

Book your drawing for summer 2024!

Make sure to check the commission page for more information (by clicking the button below). You can leave your email here, with a bit of information about the animal, the number of subjects, and the format you'd like,... This way I can give you all the information you need in my reply. If haven't decided on the specifics or you have some questions, I'm happy to help and provide more information.

A deposit of €50 ($50) is required to reserve a spot

Testimonial from Chelsea

"Butters and Kelso"

"I commissioned Paulien to do a portrait in memory of my two bunnies who have passed. She was so kind and kept in contact with me the entire time to ensure the painting was exactly as I wanted it. I appreciated her attention to detail and couldn't believe how well done the portrait came out - it looks like a photograph! I am so thankful I was able to have Paulien create something so special to me and can't imagine a better way to commemorate how much I love my bunnies."

Testimonial from Sanne

"Mr Nibbles"

"I received this drawing of Nibby as a birthday present from my boyfriend. I have no words for how BEAUTIFUL it is. I was (and am) deeply touched by how beautifully you portrayed him, it is correct down to the smallest details. It's the most precious and tangible memory I have of him, and I'm immensely grateful to you for it!"

Do you want to get to know the artist behind the works? Make sure to check out the page 'About Me'.

Paulien is a 20-year-old pet portrait and conservation artist from Belgium. While studying geology at university, she's launching her art career.

She is a big animal and nature lover. With her original artworks, she tries to raise awareness of the current environmental issues, as well as portray the beauty of all different species.

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