African Big Five

Most people, especially wildlife lovers, will know the Big Five of Africa. But despite what the name suggests, they're not the 5 biggest animals in the African continent, nor the ones with the largest population (on the contrary!). 

The African Big Five consist of the 5 animals who are the most difficult and dangerous to hunt. Being able to hunt one of them, was (and is) seen as a big accomplishment and awarded with big prices and trophies. They were originally grouped in the late 1800s, but unfortunately, they're still hunted today. 

With this collection, I hope to raise awareness for the difficulties these animals are currently dealing with, as well as raise money for organisations who strive towards no more hunting.

Austrian Wildlife

This collection is inspired by my hiking trip to the mountains of Austria. As a graduation present, my mother and I planned on going hiking in Austria. Unfortunately, due to Covid last year, we had to cancel/postpone it. This gave me the idea of bringing Austria to my studio instead. 

This collection features some of the animals we were hoping to see, as well as some breathtaking Austrian Wildlife


Ever since planting our weeping willow tree, we have a ton of birds visiting regularly. Especially during the winter, we can watch them from our kitchen table. 

I've been wanting to draw them for a long time. So 'Garden Birds' is a collection of all the birds we can find in our gardens.

This collection also shows what small actions can do. Even planting 1 tree, or even a bush, can help your local wildlife a lot.

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