Thanks to my years of experience, I'm able to draw your animal as recognizable as possible. That's my main goal, whether it's by capturing his bright eyes, his fluffy coat or his special colour. Every animal is unique, it's my task to capture it on paper.


Prices are in euros and US dollar, sizes are in inches and cm.

Single animal 5.5x8.3" - 14,8x21 cm



Single animal 8.3x11.8" - 21x29,7 cm



Single animal 11.8x16.5" - 29,7x42 cm



Single animal 16.5x19.5" - 40x50 cm


Single animal 19.5x27.5" - 50x70 cm



Complex background 



The first extra animal is 40% extra; each one after that is 20% extra. If you're considering 2 or more animals together, please contact me so we can work out all the possibilities together.

Each portrait has an optional coloured background. Backgrounds of 1 colour or a gradient, are included in the price. Complex backgrounds (eg. grass, building, nature,...) require a lot more time, so I charge extra for them depending on the complexity

All prices are without shipping cost

The drawings will come unframed. This allows you to choose a frame that fits both your taste and interior. 

Testimonial from Chelsea

"Butters and Kelso"

"I commissioned Paulien to do a portrait in memory of my two bunnies who have passed. She was so kind and kept in contact with me the entire time to ensure the painting was exactly as I wanted it. I appreciated her attention to detail and couldn't believe how well done the portrait came out - it looks like a photograph! I am so thankful I was able to have Paulien create something so special to me and can't imagine a better way to commemorate how much I love my bunnies."

Testimonial from Sanne

"Mr Nibbles"

"I received this drawing of Nibby as a birthday present from my boyfriend. I have no words for how BEAUTIFUL it is. I was (and am) deeply touched by how beautifully you portrayed him, it is correct down to the smallest details. It's the most precious and tangible memory I have of him, and I'm immensely grateful to you for it!"

Commission process 

I am now taking bookings for July 2024. To commission a portrait, please fill in the form below, or send me an email at

Below, I've listed the steps it takes from the beginning up to a finished drawing. I recommend reading them, to know what to expect. 

1. The payment is split in 3 steps. The first payment is a booking fee of €50. This is non-refundable. Once this is paid, I'll reserve a spot for your drawing. This can either be my first availability or at a later date. I recommend doing this as soon as possible, as the spots can fill up quickly. I accept payment via Paypal and bank transfer. I do offer payment plans for the rest of the amount (discussed via mail).

2. Once the booking fee is secured, we can start planning the drawing. We can start discussing the reference photo, the size of the drawing, and the background. I prefer to have a lot of reference photos, that way I can get to know the animal the best I can. Good-quality reference photos result in more detailed drawings. But due to my years of experience, I'm able to work from less detailed photos or combine multiple photos. Before I start drawing, a 40% deposit is required.

3. You will be given a month in which I will start the drawing. From the beginning of that month, it usually takes around 1-2 months to complete the drawing. Really complex or difficult commissions might take longer, but I'll let you know in advance. I try to keep you involved in the process and send updates throughout. At this stage, no big changes can be made, as I would have to start over. But some minor ones are possible to get the likeness on point.

4. Once the drawing is completed, the remaining 60% + shipping needs to be paid. The shipping cost is different for each country, and also dependent on the size. If you'd like an estimation, please send me a message. The drawing will be shipped very secured, to prevent any damage. If a track-and-trace is available, I will provided it.

5. Inside the package, you will find some tips on how to unpack and frame the drawing. I prefer to ship the drawings unframed. Shipping a framed drawing is much more expensive and harder. And this gives you the chance to choose a frame that fits your taste, interior and budget. It is possible to buy a mount (or matt/passe-partout in some languages) for the smaller drawings.

Get in touch

If you're interested in a portrait of your beloved pet, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

I'm happy to help with all of your questions. 

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